Socializing your Puppy

All dogs need Socialization:

Socialization with other Dogs and Humans of all ages is a necessity.

Puppy beagle

Puppy beagle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Socialization with other dogs teaches your dog how to act and converse with other dogs, most of the time they learn this on their own when they are able to run free, in a dog park, with other dogs of all ages. They learn to use their natural language, body signals, to tell other dogs of their state of mind (cautious, fear, aggressive) and to read it from other dogs. To view two dogs Utilizing this please watch the video “A Friendly Approach“ this will give you some insight on how dogs talk to each other. When your Puppy is socializing with other dogs DO NOT take your eyes off of him/her as often puppies can be too persistent at trying to play with other dogs and many older dogs do not like this most of the time the older dog will let the puppy know that he is acting in a socially unacceptable way with a growl and a bark, and placing the puppy on his back making the puppy submit this is normal and good for the pup, he is being taught acceptable behaviour by the Pack. Caution not all dogs are well socialized and can become too aggressive with a puppy, it is best to socialize your puppy with dogs you know. Introducing your dog to one dog at a time for the first week is ok but the pack environment is important their your pup will learn that if one dog does not want to play with him he can try another or change the way he is playing, problem solving without aggression is the goal.

There will be corrections given to your Puppy in the Pack environment, it may sound like your Puppy is going to be killed or injured, above all things if this happens¬† “STAY CALM“, Your fears and anger will translate directly to your Puppy and the Pack with negative results.

English: Golden retriever puppy, three months ...

English: Golden retriever puppy, three months old. (Daisy Parker) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)and the pack with negative results.

The time to act is when your puppy has taken the submissive position and the other dog`s aggression does not stop. A loud noise will often distract the aggressive dog, the word NO NO NO NO NO said loudly and rapidly usually works, but without anger or fear you must be in control of your emotions. For more information on this go to “CALM AND CONSISTENT“. These situations will happen being mentally prepared will assist you with coping and staying calm, so try imagining a situation like this and imagine yourself staying CALM and reacting a resolution in an appropriate manner. After something like this happens DO NOT coddle your dog, yes quickly check that the puppy is not injured then let him go None of the “oh poor puppy“ by you or others will aid but retract from what your dog should be learning and will only hurt his coping skills.

Bad fights between dogs that are serious are uncommon and 99% of them are over sex or food, dogs that are not neutered can be, but not always a danger, and it is not the dog`s fault, in my opinion all dogs that live in the city must be neutered.

Socialization with Humans:

Child and dog

Child and dog (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

It is important that this is done correctly from the beginning and will solve problems before they start. Your Puppy needs to meet people of all ages from day one and these people need to know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, they should also know the appropriate corrective actions.

Humans of all ages will allow Puppies to get away with actions that they would not allow any other dog do. Being consistent is the key, do not allow others to destroy your hard work, make sure that they follow your rules, if they don`t then you be ready to correct the puppy immediately. Remember no anger and never correct the puppy by striking them, if you must, do like their mother would, hold your fingers like teeth and poke your puppy on the side there is never the necessity to hurt the puppy, this action will quickly get the puppy`s attention and will instantly know “OOPS I made a mistake“.

Have your friends give your puppy a treat, but only after the puppy does a task for them, and the puppy cannot touch skin with his teeth when taking the treat, when the teeth touch the skin withdraw the treat with a quick loud `TssssT`sound then say “gentle“ and represent the treat, keep doing this until the puppy gets the idea, it won`t take long. When the puppy gets it give the treat and praise and rube him using the happiest voice you can muster.

Always, always reward your Puppy whenever he does what he is asked or Pleases you with his actions, do it with Joy in your heart.

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